Brock Heitkamp

Creative Arts Pastor

As Worship Pastor, Brock is in charge of all things music. This doesn’t just mean that he strums a guitar and sings either! Brock leads a large group of volunteers who give their time every week in order to make our weekend experience happen. Whether it’s learning music, practicing music, setting up the auditorium or running various forms of tech this team makes it happen. Brock is also the husband to a lovely wife named Allie and together they have a son named Oliver. Brock and Allie moved (back) to Cincinnati a few years ago and before that they lived for 2.5 years in the wild frontier known as Austin, Texas. Therefore, they have very firm opinions on salsa. In his free time Brock enjoys soccer. He likes to play it in any capacity and he also enjoys watching it on TV. He is a major fan of Manchester City, Columbus Crew and the USMNT. As excited as Brock is about all that soccer stuff and playing music he is even more excited about the fact that people at Eastside are excited about Jesus. Brock loves to look out on Sunday morning and see lots of new and old faces who are ready and willing to make a difference!