What to Expect

If you decide to visit Eastside there are a few things you can expect with us any and every weekend. Great music, a challenging, Bible-based message, and very friendly people. We would love for you and your family to check out one of our Sunday gatherings at 9:30 or 11am (both services are identical and children’s programming is also scheduled during both services). We have four purposes that we follow as a church… We Love God and We Love People and we want to Build Relationships inside and outside the walls of our church so that we can Make A Difference in the lives of everyone we meet… because we want everyone to experience the Relevance of God and what a relationship with Him can do in our lives.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Weekend Gatherings:

What should I wear? We find clothes to be most conducive to a comfortable visit. Seriously. As long as you are wearing clothes – you’ll fit right in.

Should I bring a Bible? It’s great if you do but it isn’t required at all! In fact, if you don’t have one or only have one of those big ones that sit on coffee tables and you don’t want to carry that around… we have one we’d love to give you and your family.

How long are the weekend gatherings? You can expect both our 9:30 and 11am gatherings to last about 70 minutes. That’s an average. If we go a little longer or a little less – please don’t hold it against us.

What’s the music like? Our music is a wide variety of styles and genres. In church language we’d say it’s “contemporary,” but that’s just a churchy way of saying it’s good.

Do you offer communion? Yes we do that every time we gather together to recognize and remember the importance of Jesus’ sacrifice for us. We see it as a great way for us to start our week together as a family of God.

Do you practice baptism? Yes! Baptism is an outward expression of a change that that happens inside us. When someone decides to follow Jesus we baptize with full immersion to represent one’s death to self to be raised new in Him.

Are the sermons preachy? Well… we do preach God’s Word but we focus on the grace and mercy and love of Jesus. If you mean are they fiery and brimstone-y(?) then no they are not that. We just believe God’s Word is filled with absolute truth from beginning to end and we want to help others love His Word the same way that we do.

What about offering? Are you after my money? We do take up an offering every weekend of people’s gifts to God. Giving is an important part of us learning to trust in God more than we trust in our money and our stuff. BUT offering is completely voluntary… their is no admission charge and we aren’t watching to see who contributes and who doesn’t. Giving is completely, wholly and entirely between each of us and God.

What about coffee and/or pop? Hmmm… Yes? We like those? or do you mean, Can you have coffee or pop in the auditorium during our gathering times? Yes! Absolutely! We love that! We even have a Coffee Bar in the lobby where you can order specialty drinks… and if you are visiting – we’ll even give you a free one of those – and a free special mug! Nothing says “HEY LOOK! I’M NEW!!” like drinking out of a special coffee mug! 🙂